Monday, October 11, 2010

Alyanna Martinez at Encore!

It was a Friday night. I went home right after work. I was pooped and sleepy from the 1 hour and a half ride home. I tell you, EDSA is really getting worse and worse. Pres. Noynoy Aquino should consider copying other countries where they have an overpass OVER the existing overpass. It's not an impossibility. It will do wonders for the commuters AND their health. Imagine, a bus that's not air conditioned, the passengers stuck on EDSA inhaling all that carbon monoxide. I even see children breathing in this poison!

Ok ok...I will stop complaining..after all, what I am about to post is something filled with beauty!

How can I say no to Alyanna?

Her father, Albert Martinez, was my childhood love. You don't know how many times we walked down aisle. We even ran around the beach, laughing and hugging. Sure, it may be just a fantasy of mine but guess who's following me on Twitter now that I am an adult??? guessed right. But I am settling for a good friendship since he is already married to a wonderful lady and have beautiful children together.

ANYWAY...I keep getting distracted...

Around 10:30 pm, I went back to Makati and picked up Cedric. We went to Encore, towards the VIP section because that's where all Alyanna's guests are for the evening and boy I have to tell you, VIP doesn't seem to be like VIP when you have no space whatsoever to move around in. It was jammed like you have never seen jammed before.

It was a star studded moment as 15 of her muses came wearing creations of Alyanna's favorite fashion designers.

Your bloggerina and Alyanna Martinez.

Will post more photos if and when I get them from AM! She is uber busy right now. Congratulations Alyanna!!

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