Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Furne One for RED CROSS.

It was delightful! Simply delightful. First I have to tell you that I was lucky to have previewed the gowns 2 days before the event. I met Furne and was amazed at how beautiful his creations are. The details and intricacy of each gown shows how many hours went into making it.

I asked Tessa to show me what she was going to wear and she happily modeled for me, as you can see.

Jul B. Dizon Jewellery donated a pair of earrings for the auction. Someone very lucky got this pair for a very good price.

The food was good. It came to us warm. The servers were very attentive and polite.

The dessert was uniquely served. The waiters went around to give us all a rose with a short stem. After, they came around and presented us with the plateful of dessert and situated the dish right on top of the rose. It completed the look.

Also saw the director of the show, Ariel Lozada. Congratulations!!

Patrick Rosas did the hair and make-up which was outstanding.

A job well done to the GM of Makati Shangri-la, Reto Klauser and his lovely wife.

I know you want to see photos of celebrities and more beautiful people and of course, the creation of Furne. But that's coming out on my next post. I will try to finish it by today but if not, I promise, tomorrow.

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