Friday, October 29, 2010

NujNuj Kingdom.

Friends and family of Junjun Ablaza wait for his birthday celebration every year the way every child waits for Christmas.

It has been the talk of the town as to what kind of magic he will do for his "Arabian" themed party.

As usual, I didn't prepare for what I was to wear until the VERY LAST MINUTE. Thank goodness I remember having a purple dress done.

What I loved about the party, besides being with the celebrant, was seeing how much detail was put into the decor. Although it was located by the pool area, and it rained, that didn't hinder Junjun from making sure that every single corner had an Arabian touch to it.

It really is amazing. My dad would have loved the "dancing jasmines".

AG must have had about 2 dozens of these babies.

Dates and assorted nuts were so abundant that I wanted to take them home. They were so good.

My friendships who came

Tessa, Junjun and your bloggerina.

Happy Birthday to one of my very
talented and kindest friends, Junjun Ablaza!

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