Friday, October 15, 2010


I like these bags. They are quirky and fun. But I am sure my sister, Ginny, would like it best. It would go so well with her robot pendants and Medusa necklace. She is quirky that way.

Calling Kuya Ced...Christmas is coming. I will help you choose.

The new Leitmotiv for Furla collection takes us beyond the confines of reality, towards the land of Oz. It tells the story of Dorothy; her enchanted journey, her red shoes and her wonderful encounters through a visionary, playful journey. The prints for this season are colourful, rich with the green of plant life, the blue of streams and the colours of flowers, all inspired by the Land of Oz in an interweaving of fairy-tale-like, surreal motifs. Each print narrates the tale with a juxtaposition of scenes and their protagonists: the house swept away by the wind under the incredulous gaze of the little dog, flying through waters and luxuriant woodlands, little Dorothy floating through imaginary landscapes, her travel companions. Like the backdrops, the characters also evoke the dreamlike language of the Leitmotiv.

The lion has the body and clothes from times gone by, the tin man is a collage of robotic contraptions and period armour, the scarecrow an intellectual peasant and the child an eighteenth-century young lady. The prints are dynamic and full of movement, suggesting a collection for globetrotters or travellers of the mind. The accessories are all designed to be light, portable companions for adventurous travel. The shoppers are collapsible and soft, the backpacks may be enclosed in nylon wallets and the k-way, a new accessory for this collection, can be packed away inside itself. Old favourites include printed umbrellas, leather gloves and doctor bags with a transparent sphere clasp, decorated inside like a marble, which recalls the Wizard of Oz’s emerald altar. To go home, simply click your heels three times…

Modern design’s father William Morris and his revolutionary “arts and crafts” movement has inspired the use of floral textures from the Victorian style and characteristic “retrĂ²” look, updated through ultra wash, semi-glossy leathers and soft suedes. A contemporary and cheerful “Mary Poppins” comes back to life in the shapes and colours of this collection. From her magic bag come out Virginia Wolf’s books and dreaming poems of Emily Dickinson. Vintage style leathers and Goblin textures in the romantic colours from the autumn are combined with modern looking synthetic resins locks for a cosmopolitan mood.

In the Philippines, Furla is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI) and is located at Greenbelt 5, Rustan’s Makati, and Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

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