Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lovin' LeSportsac!

LeSportsac Steps Up the Beat with New Artist in Residence:
Piano Fuzz

LeSportsac teams up with Brazilian print studio, Piano Fuzz, for its Fall/Winter 2010 Artist in Residence collection and I think the new print is adorable. I WANT ONE! No....I WANT THEM ALL!!!

Print Studio, Piano Fuzz, is as musical as its name. The studio’s main theme is to enrich experiences through feelings via design and music. They envision print design like the playing and music, illustrations are composed in a balance between rational and emotional. Piano Fuzz’s energy and rhythm creates a beat of music that sounds out through their illustrations. This energy definitely sings through in the three prints created for LeSportsac’s Artist in Residence collection.

Beat Beat is an expression of the beginning of song, the beat, groove, the meter, and the rhythm. It is simple print but shouts in graphic typeface filled with whimsical shapes calling out these musical elements. (Hits stores this October)

Way of Experience represents the middle of a song symbolizing the journey of a composer in his experiments and mixes in the path of the development and composition of new music. This print is emotional bringing viewers in with characters that capture the heart. (Hits stores this September)

Human Echoes is the end of a song, it is more complex, richer in elements that fills almost the whole surface of the styles representing the dialogue between composer and listener, relating the music as human expression. (Hits stores this November)

Prints will be available in ten styles ranging from large pieces like the Jumbo Duffle to small pieces like the Play Case Cosmetic featuring the collection’s signature oversized plastic hardware and zippers, color block thread and webbing, and extra large logo tape. Two styles, The Rhythm Tote and the Melody Messenger both feature select images plucked from Way of Experience and Human Echoes. The collection also includes a style created specifically for this season’s artist, the Piano Pouch, a small green pouch wristlet screen printed with a piano shaped into what else – a piano man.

All large pieces to come with attached gift purchase, buttons impressed with Piano Fuzz’s unique designs.

Lesportsac AIR collection is exclusively available at Rustans Makati and Shangrila

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