Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another Flower Project.

Dressing up a penthouse in one of the most exclusive condominiums in Fort Bonifacio was a challenge. Especially since I only had myself to work on it, no Ginny, no staff.

I went to the market at 8 am to get some vivid colored blooms but I was shocked to see none. Well, almost none.

I had no choice but to get the roses because they were the only colorful ones available. I don't like chrysanthemums.

A photo shoot for one of the high society magazines was to take place and I was asked by to dress up the house with flowers.

I tried to do my best, with little time and help, this was what I came up with. The owner of the unit loved it so I guess, that's all that matters.


bumblebee said...

i love the flowers and the arrangement! i also want to add some flowers in my home but have no experience in this except just from looking at pictures. any tips or advice?

many thanks!

Candifier said...

hi bumblebee. Thank you for the compliment.

Tips or advice on how to add some flowers in your home? Hmmm...I suppose you can just go very simple and buy a bunch of your favorite flowers and keeping them tightly bounded, put them in a vase and voila! You really don't need experience, just creativity and the love for it.