Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Venus Vs. Candifier.

At this point, Jenny must be wondering why I haven't posted the other pics. That's because those pics deserve it's own blog post.

We were perfectly seated in an elevated platform to the left of the stage. The Dizon sisters were happy to be between the tables of the fierce Summit Media group and the beautiful people who happen to have special friends/clients of Jul B. Dizon Jewellery.

But even more than that, we were very delighted to have Ms. Venus Raj and Rio de la Cruz on our table. I am sure you know who Venus is but let me tell you that Rio is quite popular as well because he is the president of RUNRIO Trilogy. I saw him first in a billboard on EDSA.

As the night progressed, the people of table 52, that would be the Dizon sisters, Monica Angeles and Juan Carlos Calma, fell in love with Venus who was ever so polite and accommodating. She answered all our inquiries and was game enough to have our photos taken with her, ONE BY ONE. She kept saying "Po" to me which only made me feel more Queenly. I told her to stop because it also made me feel old.

She was wearing a Furne One because she could! She has the body, height and the right to wear such an expensive gown. Rumors have it that one dress by Furne One ranges from $10,000 to $40,000. Venus didn't wear much jewellery though. Not even earrings, tsk tsk tsk. I told her to call me next time she needs to be adorned. I would love to bejewel her.

A lot of people would come to our table to have their photos taken with the Ms. Universe, but when it was my turn to have my photo taken with her...I merely told her this...

"You may be Ms. Universe but I am wearing the crown."

My Princesses then followed suit and had their photos taken with the beauty queen.

Next up...the fashion show.

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