Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trick or Macaroons!

For Halloween, AG decided to make Orange Macaroons with chocolate filling with a white chocolate pumpkin and a witch decor! In his usual packaging, he added a skeleton hand and orange ribbon to celebrate the scariest time of the year! 

For those who ordered, thank you so very much for your patronage! Hope you like them! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This is me.

I have been sick for 7 days now. A terrible cough and cold bug has gotten into my system and I hate it!!! I didn't know that a person can produce so much phlegm! I have finished 3 boxes of tissue paper already and there's no sign of it ending just yet. 

I have been good. Drinking 2000-3000 mg of Vitamin C, antibiotics, cold and cough meds, tea and subjected myself to extreme levels of bed rest. 

I only would get up from bed to pee and shower. I didn't go out except for 1 night when I went to see Daddy-O. 

I slept quite late, like midnight, but I woke up late as well. I guess I shouldn't have watched Walking Dead too much because I got scared and didn't sleep well. 

What's worse is, this morning, I got my period and my stomach cramps decided to be extra strong this time. 

So while I am trying to get better, I apologize for not posting anything new lately. I promise I will be back with a vengeance as so many things have happened lately. 

Anyway, had a funny dream last night that I had 2 baby boys with curly hair! 
Wonder where that came from?? 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh My Goodness Gucci!!!

It was my birthday gift to AG and then after he wore it for a few hours, this happens. Quality fail? I am sure it is real. How could this happen? Waahhh!!! 

Lovin' LegLove!!!

It was a fashion spectacle graced by Manila’s chic circuit as Manila Bay Hosiery unveiled its collections for Leg Love by City Lady and Elements by Gold Toe. A perfect synergy to come up with the new collections, the company collaborated with well-known personalities in the style arena including FASH team Bianca Valerio, Ferdi Salvador and Ram de Vera along with talented designer, Pablo Cabahug.

Sexy, reserved, hidden, or shown for the world to see—no matter your preference, Leg Love hosiery and Elements socks are an essential accessory that you will surely love. Going beyond just comfort, its gorgeous designs will have you wearing them all day, every day. The event showcased each of the line the FASH team and designer Pablo Cabahug created.

Opening the show was a sensual burlesque-like dance by Bianca Valerio complementing the mood and look of the Leg Love Couture collection she hand-picked herself.



This was followed by a parade of dashing men in boxers and crisp white shirts complete with Elements Play socks by Ram De Vera.

 and Elements Classic by Ferdi Salvador.

Completing the show, Leg Love’s Designer series by Pablo Cabahug presented intricate designs that delighted the audience. Unique patterns, splashes of color, ladies in black masks and alluring ensemble filled the runway.

The finale was Divine Lee! See her walk the runway in the video below. 


The People Behind the success of LegLove! 

BC Magazine Feature!

Thank you to BC Magazine for covering your bloggerina and her girls!! We all love it! 

Please buy your copy now!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Exclusively LV!

We all know the products of Louis Vuitton so I will just focus on who went to the re-opening of their store in Greenbelt. 

The attire is glamourous and the guests did not disappoint. 

After a few minutes in the store, we were all transported to White Space where white became black! Amazing the way they styled the venue. 

Good thing it didn't rain or else, it just wouldn't work as well as it did. I love the fact that no cars were allowed inside the driveway and how a black carpet was spread out from the gate to the entrance. Traveling lights lit the pathway which made it even more classy! 

Makati Shangri-la took charge of the food white Olga Alarcon provided the spirits! Love the drinks! They were sweet and yummy. 

Anyway, the Dizon sisters didn't stay too long. It got a little too hot and since we are already hot on our own, we decided to head on home. (Actually, the truth is, lola na kami.)

Anyway, enjoy the photos!! 

Salome Uy wears her Jul B. Dizon jewelry! 

Amanda Jacob wears Jul B. Dizon pieces. 

Your bloggerina and friends. 
Can you tell that the left side of my face is my good side? :) 
Actually, I also wanted to show off my earrings. 

The Dizon Sisters strike again. We miss you Ginny!