Thursday, October 6, 2011

Esquire Madness!

Two weeks before the event, the buzz about the Esquire launch was too loud to ignore. Who's wearing who and what to wear at all was all I could hear about. I admit, I also panicked with what my gown would be. But that's me. A jewelry designer but majored in cramming.

It was a hectic week for me. As I said on twitter, I felt like Harry Winston because my shop never looked so empty with all the celebs that I am adorning with Jul B. Dizon creations. My secretaries were most delighted as Anne Curtis, Georgina Wilson, Maxene Magalona and Liz Uy dropped by the store to choose their pieces.

That evening, I tried my best to find these women so I can take a photo of them but I failed to take one of Rhian Ramos who looked absolutely stunning. She passed by but I was too tired to get up. Wearing 4 inch stilettos is not something that I do very well. Need to take lessons from Alyanna Martinez.

Anyway, I am sure you are thinking...."Shut up already and show us the photos!"

But wait! Before I do that....let me first say Congratulations to Esquire for throwing such a kick ass event. I found it to be too crowded, hot and noisy, but that's exactly how a party should be!! I blame it on my old age. Next time, I am going to down Berocca, Red Bull and Pepsi Max.

Cheers to Esquire and enjoy the photos! 

Event stylist of Esquire, Ferdi Salvador and Birthday Boy, Poma Malantic!

GM, Sonya Vodusek and her honey, Anthony. 

Birthday Girl, Pia Magalona!!!


I have more photos but it needs to be on a special dedicated post. And yes, as usual, I don't have a photo of me. This is the life of a blogger. Sigh....

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