Thursday, October 6, 2011

Skin Showing Scene!

Minor ka ba? If so, don't read this. I dedicate this post to myself as someone who can't EVER wear these kinds of outfits. Perhaps in another lifetime. 

Divine Lee and Anne Curtis wore Rajo Laurel, very little of it in fact as these women had more body tape than cloth but only these ladies can pull a show stopper like this! 

Maxene Magalona wears Veejay Floresca! Loved it!!! 

Saw her tattoo and couldn't help but take a photo! It's so darn sexy!

A stolen shot of Maxene's drop dead sexy gown!

You might think this is not really showing skin......

......but check out the bottom part of Bianca Valero's gown by Joel Escober! Hot enough for ya?

Georgina shows off her long legs...but wait, so does Borgy!! 

Now, let's talk about CLEAVAGE power.
I say, if you got it, FLAUNT it and that's exactly what these hotties did last night! 

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