Friday, November 29, 2013

Pisa, Piazza del Duomo and Avignon.

Let me tell you something about our trip to Europe. There was 20 of us who took the Norwegian Epic Cruise Line. We hired 3 vans (owned by a Pinoy) to pick us up at every port that our ship docks. That way, we won't have to wait for the bus and be forced to go to places we do not want to see. With the vans, we get to choose where we want to go and until what time we want to stay. It's very convenient and for our lazy bones, it's perfect. 

The power of four. My Dad and his sisters. 

My Jacqueline. 

Piazza del Duomo. 

Avignon, France. 

The girls loving every minute of our trip.

Bring Me Back to Barcelona!

Barcelona, Spain.

We were lucky enough to go to a few places while our ship was docked. 

Valldemossa, Monsterrat and the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia. 

I can live here. I really can. I have so much love for this city that I want to go back and stay for a whole month. 

Mi Familia. 

Outside Monsterrat was a little bazaar where they were selling all sorts of cheese, jams and figs. I was in heaven. 

Casa Batllo by Gaudi. 

The Olympic Flame! 

Spain, I shall return. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

I Am an Addict.

I am a late bloomer when it comes to using make-up. Even more a late bloomer when I started collecting and loving it. I am no expert. I would totally love it if Omar and Jigs would come live with me and do my make-up every day but they refused when I asked. But expert or not, I am addicted to make-up. 

I often get asked what my favorite brands are but it is only when Peach told me that she wants to reorganize her stash, get rid of the old and buy new ones, that made me want to post a blog about what my favorites are. 

Kwenby, my cousin, is easy. She buys what works for her no matter what brand it may be. I suppose that's a good deal too but my weakness is not just about the product but also the packaging. Call me a sucker for pretty things in cute little boxes. 

Anyway, let me start by saying not all make up brands will be good for you. Not even the most expensive kind. There's also issues with allergies and sensitive matters like if the product tests on animals and such. Choosing make up is like buying a painting, except your face is the canvas. 

I repeat, I am not a make-up artist so I am sure some of my friends who are professional make-up artists might feel that I am missing a lot of products but this is just for my daily wear. Nothing fancy. 

A good moisturizer is the most important thing. La Mer may be super expensive but the good thing about it is since you only need a tad bit every time you use it, it can last you months and months without having to buy another one. 

My skin likes La Mer Moisturizing Cream but I only use it at night as it is a bit sticky for day use. There's also the toner that makes my skin feel cleaner. 

Right now, I am also using La Mer screen protection. It's light on the face and it smells good. After this bottle though, since it is expensive.....

....I go back to my Clarins UV Plus HP. It works just as well on my skin. 

I discovered POREfessional from Steffie. Now, I cannot live without it. I super love the silky feeling it leaves on my face and I feel that my pores actually are minimized upon application. 

My eyebags are my worst enemy. The Ooh la lift of Benefit somehow makes it look a bit better. Maybe it's my imagination but I always put some on to make me feel happier. 

Since my skin is not sensitive, I use all kinds of foundation. My Chanel ran out so I am mixing it up with NARS, Hello Flawless by Benefit and the BB Cream of Bobbi Brown. Trick is choosing the right shade for you.

My eyelids are freaking too oily for words. When I put eyeshadow, it ends up in a clump and not pretty to look at. Jody said that primer for the eyes is so important to keep the eye shadow well blended and intact. For this purpose, I use the Lemon Aid by Benefit. But I find it a bit too bright and yellowish so for now, I am using my new favorite make up line, the Tom Ford Eye Primer Duo. On the bottom is the primer and on the top is the powder. Works wonders!!! 

I only use eye shadow when there's an event and when I am bored here and I feel like experimenting. I think the eye shadow magic is not in the brand (though I do love great packaging), it is in the correct usage of brush and your blending powers. I have an assortment of eye shadows but I tend to use my Laura Mercier, MAC and Bobbi Brown often. 

After I do my eyes, I put on the black eye liner. I find the liquid eyeliners easiest for me to apply. For now, I use my Bobbi Brown because it's new and I want to see how it compares to the others. So far, I love it. 

When I want it thick and strong, (I am talking about eyeliner here ok?) I use my very reasonably priced eyeliner gel pot by Maybelline. 

Nothing beats the Shu Uemura eyelash curler. 

So many choices when it comes to mascara but for right now, I am using these three. Tarte, Benefit and Kiko (got it from Italy for when I want my lashes to be blue).

I have plenty of blushes. In all honesty, I don't see much of a difference when applied. I think it is all about the amount that you put on. 

I use whatever I find first in my make up bag but the brands I have are MAC and Nars. 

For a little sheen, I use MAC's extra dimension skin finish or Nars' Orgasm Illuminator, which Peach gave me. 

I really love playing with my lip color but before I apply lipstick, I put Korres lip balm from Greece, which Christine gave me, at night. 

I then dab a bit of Lip Plump by Benefit on my lips and spread it evenly until it's all pale and pasty. I apply my lipstick (brands vary from Ever Bilena to Chanel, from Maybelline to Tom Ford and many more) and top it off with Tom Ford's Lip Lacquer. 

Last step is to powder and seal it with MAC or Hello Flawless by Benefit. 

Hope that helps those who are inquiring and thank you for even considering asking ME to begin with.