Thursday, November 14, 2013

I AM BACK and ready to ATTACK.

I was gone for nearly 1 month and 3 weeks. Yes, it was indeed a very long vacation, but somehow, I feel that it's not quite long enough. 

I don't blog using any other gadgets but my iMac here in the office. That's why I haven't posted anything. 

But boy oh boy.... I brought home with me more than 2000 photos of my trip! My itinerary was Manila-SFO-LA-SanJose-Rome-SFO-Manila. 

There's so much stories to tell but I can't seem to post any of it right now because it wouldn't be right. seeing that there's so much help to do out there, I am using my time gathering kalderos (pots), nails, hammers, blankets and food. 

I would initially like to thank those who are helping me with the relief efforts for the victims of Yolanda. Abby, Pepet, Kwenby, Peach, Christine and Larbs for sending me cash donations. As I have said in Facebook, your money will go to hammers, nails, pots and water. 

Thank you Peter and Ylaine for sending over 11 boxes of candles. Those will be delivered to Ormoc via Congresswoman Lucy Gomez. 

It's now about rebuilding what was lost. I was told that there's plenty of rice that's being delivered but with no electricity, they find it difficult to cook it. 

I need an awesome supplier of these pots. Can anyone help me? The cheapest I can find right now is P330.00 each. 

The water is most important. I was once told my Mom that she learned that a person can survive 30 days without food but will not survive 3 days without water. It is embedded in my mind. Water is essential. 

To rebuild homes, whether it may be temporary shelter or a permanent one, it all starts with hammer and nails. These two items can protect a family from rain/heat/cold. As we can see in the photos of the devastation, there's plenty of wood scattered. Knowing how ingenious Filipinos are, they will be able to build a church using scrap wood. 


P40.00/kilo for 4 inch nails. 

Sacks of rice is on it's way to the house now. My family and I will portion the rice and put it inside the kaldero with the hammer and nails, and bottled water. I hope to make 200 or more sets. It may not be much in numbers but it will serve a whole family. 

For now, that's the plan and any assistance from my readers and friend is truly welcome. If we can make 1000 sets, the better it is for our fellowmen. 


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