Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Vatican, the Guards and my Boobs.

Steffie and I visited The Vatican 2006. We didn't have much time to spare so we didn't get to go inside. Read here my past post HERE. 

Well this time, we had time and this is what we saw. For those who haven't been, enjoy! I know Daddy did. He would often tell me how Mom loved it here and how they would just sit for hours praying. 

Diane and Kwenby. 

This photo is actually not as scary as it seems. 
Before dinner, our driver took us into this isolated building and made us look into this tiny keyhole. If you focus enough, you will see the Vatican. I think that's awesome. 

Zooming in, this is what you will see. Cool no?

Steffie, at the same time was in France and posted a French guard while Jacqui took a photo of a Swiss guard. I thought, man, if guards in the Philippines were this hot, I wouldn't have to travel so far for my eye candy!!! 

Parang ang laki ng boobs ko. Maybe it's my new bra. It's actually not THAT big. Hahaha!!!

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