Thursday, November 21, 2013

False News.

Once trust is broken, it really is so difficult to get it back.

I suppose that so many government officials have lied to us that we are so skeptical about anything and everything that they do. It takes a whole lot to gain the trust of those that lied to you multiple times. More often than not, you can't gain it back at all. 

The last couple of months, starting with the Napoles case, earthquake in Bohol and now, Yolanda, the spirits are high when it comes to finding the truth, getting justice and helping the poor. 

What we don't need right now are false news. 

It is confusing. It angers people without cause. 

One particular post is of a DSWD warehouse wherein a mountain high of relief goods are seen. 

This is not a recent photo. Although the comment accompanying the photo is about the recent typhoon, the photo is of Nov. 02, 2013 (used for a Bohol earthquake article). 

Original photo belongs to Rappler, an article written by Voltaire Tupaz last November 2, 2013. 

Read original article here. 

I am all for getting important, relevant and informative news out there. It helps people decide what to do, who to trust and who to help. BUT WE DON'T NEED ANY MORE LIES. 

There's saying that goes: No news is good news, but false news is just plain stupid. 

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Ginny Dizon said...

Right on, Candifier! Our socio-political situation is bad enough already, there's no need to make it worse.