Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Roaming in Rome.

The plan: For my Auntie's 70th birthday, the family get together and do a European vacation for one whole month. One week in a cruise and 3 weeks of absorbing Italy by driving around. 

On our first day in Rome, I realized a few things. 

1. How amazing Italy is by not tearing down their old buildings and how beautiful they still look even after hundreds of years. 

2. Also realized how Daddy loves to take photos....of himself!!! He has 1,000 photos in his iPhone of which 890 are of him taken by any of us, 10 are of the sights alone and 100 are selfies!! Yes, he knows how to take a selfie!! He would always order one of us to take his photo but click 3 times per pose so he can choose what is the best one. He's worse than me. 

Since I had the camera, no one would take photos of me and so I had to resort to this just to prove and remind me that I was really there!! 

3. I also had Jacqui with me so that made this vacation even better! But it also made me miss Mommy so much. Too much it hurt my left hand that sent painwaves to my heart for some reason. 

She would have loved these plates. 

4. That the ruins are so well kept and abundant. So many that I can actually be ruined out. 

My gang for the day! Diane, Colby, Kwenby, Jose, Mackena, Jacqui and Jenny. 

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