Friday, November 15, 2013

Reposting a Wish.

Anderson Cooper says something negative about the Filipino government. CNN and BBC observe all the weaknesses of governance and leadership and why this tragedy has led to this. I won't be surprised if these personalities will be persona non grata soon for we are so afraid of honest to goodness criticism. 

But all the people in power needs this, to be out there for the rest of the world to see how in charge, how generous, how much of a leader they are. Baka kung mapahiya, magbago at tumino. Baka. Baka mawala Ang corruption, baka makulong si Napoles at ang mga senators. Baka. Sana. 

 And it's not just the foreign press who has been criticizing the government but we, the citizens as well. We have been so good at voicing out possible solutions and we have been intelligent about our suggestions. Sana lang hindi puro dada, pero segundahan ng gawa. 

 Let us criticize for here starts the change and reflection. But we have to act as well. And now we need action for we are in an emergency and actual desperation. These dark days will pass too and once we are again on our feet, let us please change. Let us not be callous not to seek reforms and justice. We have to demand the best from all our elected officials and the government. We have to elect the rights ones as well in the future and imprison those who have abused their power. 

 Do we still need to wait for the Marikina fault line to move and wreck havoc on Manila for us to realize what's wrong with the government? We can never fight nature, but we can as men change for the good and to do good. 

Poverty has to stop. Corruption has to stop. Poor leadership has to stop. The poor handling of our government with this tragedy is only a symptom of a deeper sickness. We deserve better from the government. We deserve to feel safe and secure. We have to trust our leaders and they have to earn our trust too. 

 I want to do so much for our country but this country is just really pushing me away. I want to be able to create changes but I'm so frustrated like you. Let migration to another country not be a solution. A lot of good ones have left us already and for a good and valid reason. 

 No more deaths, no more dishonesty, no more thievery, no more corruption and poverty. We need to create the real change soon and fast! Let us not wait for the big one when I feel everything will be too late! Good luck to all of us my beloved countrymen. Bangon mga Pinoy!

To Milo Sogueco who wrote this, I say DITTO! 

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