Monday, November 18, 2013

Teresa's Way....

When Ms. Teresa Herrera posted in Facebook that she needed a truck to deliver goods to Villamor Airbase, I offered my Dad's elf (without asking him first, yikes).

The next morning, my staff and I headed towards PDIC warehouse to load the donations she was able to collect from her wonderful friends. 

I signed a release form of 30 boxes filled with assorted relief goods. 

For the clothes and blankets, we were told to place them in this gymnasium. 

Mountains of clothes and shoes are available for all the typhoon survivors to choose from. 

After placing the boxes down, I headed down to see what else is needed to be done. I am quite happy to report that there's so much help already waiting in Villamor Airbase. 

SM sent over a Mobile clinic.....

...and a truckload of relief packs. 

A tent was converted into a mini hospital where all the aid that you need is easily available. Was this close to asking if they offered liposuction. I would be first in line. 

Then I see another truck unloading thousands of bottled water. 

Smart and Globe offered free calls. (no photo of Globe area, sorry)

So much love in this country. 

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