Monday, November 18, 2013

Dear Donors....

All the donations that came my way went to 5 sacks of rice, 200 hammers, 40 kilos of nails, canned goods, 50 five-gallon of water, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels, panties, briefs, blankets, thousands of candles, shoes and bags. 

Thank you to the staff of Jul B. Dizon for providing 5 sacks of rice. 

When I asked Ms. Salome Uy if she knew any hammer suppliers, with no hesitation, she donated and loaded into her BMW (much to her husbands dismay) 200 pieces of hammers and delivered it to me. She got a flat tire in return. 

I bought 40 kilos of nails.....

....and made these helpful kids repack them for distribution. 

Peter and Ylaine Co donated 2,700+ candles. 

Pacita Yap sent over much needed water. Half went to Bantayan Island and the other half, Ormoc. 

A few of Jacqui's classmates came and helped pack......

.....into this reusable (not plastic) bags. 

And once packed individually.....

...they were placed in boxes for delivery. 

As promised, first half of these relief goods were brought to Bantayan Island, Cebu care of Justine Letargo, a good friend of mine. She was actually the one who told me that hammers and nails and other building materials are things that they need to rebuild. She also happens to be from Bantayan, which is why her efforts are focused on helping her hometown. She also works for World Bank where the growth of our country is always a priority. 

I was told that thousands of canned goods were delivered today to the house. Will resume packing as soon as I get home. 

To the people who trust me with their donations, I will continue to post your donations here for transparency. 

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