Monday, October 3, 2011

My Passport Collection!

I was rummaging through my things yesterday and I saw a tin can with all my old passports in it! From my very first one to the latest one! I am so glad that I have kept them all. It's such a great collection for the National Museum when I am dead and very famous. (Bwa haha ha)

The photos really crack me up! I mean, from super innocent and neneng to my tomboy 80's haircut, to married life look to my single again. The latest one, I got just last month. 

Thanks to my sister, PM for helping me out. 

OMG, check out my hair. Nakakasuka! 

Do you still have your old passports? 

1 comment:

eatership said...

My car was stolen in 1998 and along with it my passport with the most number of stamps. You're lucky you still have all of them. Your baby girl looks just like you!