Monday, November 5, 2012

THE Lesley Mobo.

There's only a few people where you can say/write THE before their names and I can proudly say that Lesley Mobo deserves the three letter word before his. 

He proved it last week when Colours Gala presented his collection at the SMX Arena. Kaye Tinga was the main person behind this and there was no way that I would miss this charitable and fashionable event. 

Photo from the article of Cheche V. Moral of the
Philippine Daily Inquirer. Read more here.

The invitation alone was worth instagramming because I saw a LOT of it going around the IG world. 
Here's my post. Thank you to W-17 for the lovely candle. 

villa del conte provided the sweet delight for the evening.

The five-course dinner was by Cibo di M, the wine and champagne from MOET HENNESSY and the breathtaking floral arrangements were made by MABOLO. Everyone in my table was all oooohs and aaahhhs with the beautiful set up. It didn't feel like we were in SMX Arena at all.

What is this show about? Watch here. Courtesy of Interaksyon

Now, let me explain that the stage went all around the tables. It was almost a 360 degree visual delight for everyone who attended. 

The BLAKE guys performed for the crowd. 
It's always a pleasure to have 4 hot men sing to us. 

After a speech by Manny Pangilinan, a toast was made and dinner was served. 
Photo by Interaksyon

Shortly after dinner, the show started. If I had a copy of the video they presented, I would so love to show you but I don't. Sadness.


And then THE Lesley Mobo comes out to take a bow. Roses were thrown unto the stage to show gratitude and appreciation for the magnificent display of high fashion couture we were all lucky to have witnessed. 

My gang and table mates. 





I have a feeling...someone is watching meeeeee.....

With Ariel Lozada, the director of the show. 

And your bloggerina with Ms. Kaye Tinga. 
CONGRATULATIONS for such a wonderful show!!! 

The very next day, we were off to Dusit to see the collection up close and personal. Proceeds of the sales will go to the livelihood program that Kaye Tinga supports. 

This is my new baby. 

The Mobo Mob is in full force. (I think Lesley really intended to shut his eyes.)

Thank you so much Lesley for the wonderful gift of friendship and for sharing your time and talent with us. I shall always treasure my Lesley Mobo pieces. 

THE black cap. 

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