Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rock the Kasbah!!!

Enter the world of Kasbah! 

A Moroccan cuisine culinary delight, this place takes you to Morocco to experience the best food the place has to offer right in the middle of Fort Bonifacio! 

Hummus Harissa. Spiced chickpea and tahini puree. 
Zaalouk. Smokey eggplant with tomato dip. 

Assortment of Briouats. Selection of heavenly crips filo pastries filled with delicately spiced minced meat and feta cheese wtih mint. 

Watermelon, Feta and Olive Salad. Savory and refreshingly fruity combination. A wonderful Mediterranean classic. 

Lamb Tagine! Aromatic with a great depth of flavor cooked with prunes, honey and almonds topped with hard boiled eggs. This is NOT to be missed. 

Baklava. A perfect way to end a delicious dinner. 

Can't wait to bring my Joy Luck Club here. 

Located at the Fort Strip. 
Call for reservations now. 5534499

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