Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Peninsula's Rockeoke Party!

When Peninsula throws a party, they really make sure that the guests have a really great time! 

It was held in Salon De Ning and everyone was just too excited to party with a live band who's ready to have anyone in the audience to sing with them, ROCKEOKE style! 

With so much food, drinks and wonderful friends, one is sure to have an awesome time! 

Thank you Peninsula for this wonderful evening!

Love the styling of the goodies!! Old style Coke bottles! 

Noodles in a take out box! 

Cotton Candy is always a hit!

Chocolates and sorbet in a cone!! 

Janina won the Party Starter Award. She was only too excited to render the first song on stage. 

Emi Jorge should have gotten the Hottest Legs Award.

My girls from the hood.

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