Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hottest Event Ever.

I don't know what Ferdi Salvador was thinking.... 

He invited us to the LegLove and Elements event last week and of course, to support him, the brand and Bianca Valerio, we had to go. 

I expected Bianca to be wearing something uberly duperly hawt and I wasn't disappointed. 
Photo from Bianca Valerio's Twitter account.

Photo from Bianca Valerio's Twitter account.

My party peeps for the night also adorned LegLove.

RG and your bloggerina.

The very next day, I wore my sparkling "diamond" stockings to the Natori event. 

Now, this is the biggest challenge of the evening. Apparently, Ferdi did the casting for the Elements Gold Toe portion. 

The models were wearing black tank tops and black shorts and of course, the socks. 

Now, I assure you that the socks are very good quality and fashionably designed. The colors are fun and men and women of all ages can wear them....BUT how can I even concentrate on the socks when the men that's wearing them would look so much better on me than the socks?? 

Here's a few photos of the product so I can say that I did my part as a blogger. 

Now time to focus. Sigh........

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