Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Three Sloths.

My whole family left town during the long weekend. I decided to man the fort and stay at home and do what Jody, Jacqui and I do best.....be lazy and eat.

On the 1st of November, we headed to Summer Palace and feast on an All-You-Can-Eat Dimsum for lunch. 

Between the three of us, we had the following.

Spareribs x 1

Xiao Long Pao x 3

Mango and Shrimp roll x 2

Siomai x 2

Hakaw x 1

Just me. Actually, you can skip the soups. It's not great.

Jody had mango pudding x 1

Jacqui and I had mango sago. 

You won't believe it but the very next day, I went back to Summer Palace to have the dimsum feast again with Dennis, his two nieces and Ivar. Sigh....

This table x 3.

That evening, my 2 sloths were hungry and craved for Pepper Lunch. The order was Pepper Rice with extra beef. Katakawan!

And for dessert, we had Morelli's which was very delicious gelato.

2 scoops each. Yes, we are disgusting pigs.

The happy ending was getting a loot of Made in Candy from Darlene. 
Thank you!!!

Don't judge the sloths. 

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