Monday, February 15, 2010

A Whole Lot of Sweetness!

Valentine's Day usually spells out headache, disaster, empty pockets and road rage for my family, based on experience.

This is what I wanted to avoid. Taken on Feb. 12, Friday.

So I decided that for VDD (Valentine's Day Dinner), we have it at home, potluck style! Valentine's Day is not only about lovers, to me, it is purely about LOVE and cheesy as that sounds, the night surely radiated a lot of it.

Ginny and I decided to do the styling of the party place so early in the afternoon, we went to MACRO. It wasn't full and the lines to the cashier was short but this really bugged the hell out of me! I don't know why they have to check each and every single one that you buy after you have paid for it. It sucks MAJORLY!!!

The whole afternoon was spent by making MANDO the staff on what to do. We are so good at that. BWA HA HA!! (semi-evil laugh). This is how it turned out.

We set up the projector so that we have a dine-in movie.

The flower pots were our giveaways to the ladies.

AG and I were in charge of, what else, desserts. He made cheesecake, chocolate dacquiose with raspeberry and banana topping, chocolate brownies and mango pannacota. I bought choconut, cookie crunches and fruity bubble gum. Chef Arno added the finishing touches. I had 2 Austrian Pastry Chef's work on the dessert. How can you beat that? Let me can't.

Here's what our corner looked like.

Here's my sweet delicious weapon.

In my Facebook, I told everyone to wear slippers and house clothes because I wanted it to be comfortable and easy but of course, I ended up wearing my AMcQueen shoes!

The very first guests were Macky, Bernard and Cara. They were super on time. They brought super delicious paella. I didn't take photos of the food because I was busy entertaining. Hay sayang.

Justine and Webster came next. She made seafood pasta in olive oil. YUMMY!

Anne demanded a kiss from JC. Now that's what I call unconditional love!

Cedric and Dennis arrived together but Dennis got really passionate with someone else. He wouldn't leave his side. He even went under the table while Dennis was eating dessert!!!! SHOCKING!!!

We tried to stop him but it didn't matter. He wanted to get kinky with Dennis no matter what!

Here's the BEST part of dessert!

Check out the video on my next post!!


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