Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sneakers of MK.

I only have one pair of sneakers. I really don't know how to wear them. I feel so short when I do. 

I know only one person who's obsessed with them. I follow her on Instagram and she has about a dozen pairs. To me, they all look a like but when she describes them, you know how much passion she has for them. I do wonder if she already has Michael Kors sneakers. 

Anyway, Ann Jacobe, this one's for you because it reminded me of your love for sneakers.

I am attracted to all things shiny and gold. Maybe it's the jeweler in me. 

When I checked out the YouTube feature on MK sneakers, I thought that they were pretty darn cute. If only I had that model's height and weight then everything would be easy as pie. 

This is something I can really wear.

Michael Kors is available at Rustan's Department Store. 

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