Monday, March 11, 2013

Peninsula Moments.

When Steffie asked if Liam could be part of the page boys for Peninsula Moments, I instantly said yes. 

I knew for a fact that Liam would not be a problem to work with. In fact, he loved his page boy uniform so much that he didn't want to take it off and even wore it the very next morning to show to his Lolo. 

But of course, as a stage "mama," I realized that it's quite expensive to be a manager. You see, I was the one who took care of everything to make this picture perfect. 

I went to Podium to get his hair cut. Robby Carmona told me that BenchFix is a good salon so I wanted to try it out. Unfortunately, when they opened at 11 am, the hair cutter/stylist is not there yet so the only place that was available was David's Salon where Liam was given a K-POP hair style.

After the hair cut, I was informed that he needed to be in black school shoes. Liam isn't in school yet so he doesn't have one. So off we went to the mall to buy him one. But yaya forgot his favorite toy at home and he cried until I promised him another toy which escalated my expenses even more. 


At the end of the day, I am so happy that Liam did everything perfectly. He behaved and was so adorable in that uniform, perhaps so adorable that Anne Curtis even posed with him for a photo! 

Now about Peninsula Moments..... 

Watch what it's all about here. 

A pool party was thrown for loyal friends and clients of Peninsula Manila. The set was amazing. 

Half of the pool was covered by the stage where ribbon twirlers and Ms. Bituin Escalante performed. It is also where 30 page men, women, boys and girls came on to accompany Ms. Sonja Vodusek, GM of The Peninsula Manila.

The food came pouring in and so did the happy liquid. I was happy with my virgin mojito that Mr. Javi Testa got for me. Thank you for always taking care of me. 

The seafood delight was all over the area but I was too excited for Liam to even eat anything. 

But of course, I had to have this. Your very own cold cut platter with cheese. 

But before you even get to the poolside, this is how the guests were welcomed. I truly love the green carpet and the lined up page boys.

Sonja Vodusek-Vecchio and her loving husband, Anthony welcomed Mother Naty Pappas, Dennis Lustico and yours truly to the party.

Loved the coordinated purple patterns of Anthony! 

Mother wore the most beautiful jade necklace I ever made. 

Anne Curtis also wore her own Jul Dizon necklace perfectly. 

Photo by Melo Esguerra

Mr. Bryan Yap and your bloggerina pose for a photo! 

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