Monday, July 16, 2012

J-Storm Urban Map!

Seriously, I don't think I have seen anything this cool lately. 

Justin Smith has been a family friend for many years and I know him to have a brilliant mind and an awesome future ahead of him. 

My parents would speak so highly of him because of all his schooling and languages that he has mastered. We sort of hoped that my youngest brother, CJ, would be influenced by him since they met in Japan during an exchange student program.

Of course, CJ, has become the Production Manager of Jul B. Dizon and we are equally proud of what he has become but I have to say, Justin, this map of an artwork of yours is beyond awesome. 

I wish that you could do one of Manila. 

And for all of my friends and followers in the US, you must have this piece in your home because it says something about your roots, your country, your home but in a very artistic way. 

I am so proud to know you Justin because not only are you a great friend to the family but because of this great achievement. 

Congratulations and here's me clapping. 


Watch the awesomeness here. 

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