Friday, July 13, 2012

A Million Flowers for Cris Albert.

You can tell that this woman loves flowers. Most preferrably pink. Add glitter to that and also music. 

That's exactly what greeted us at Cris Albert's birthday celebration. 

Her home was transformed into a garden of pink roses and swans and everything pretty.

It was so filled with flowers that when Ferdi Salvador posted a photo on instagram, I CRINGED!! 
Not because of the photo but because I GOT HER FLOWERS as a gift!! 
I mean, how can my gift compare to her whole Garden of Eden???

I told Ferdi to give the flowers to Cris and instruct her to place it in the restroom but whatdyaknow??? THE RESTROOM was not spared from being decorated!

I gave up and just hoped that my gift would somehow end up in a vase when she sees them. 

This was outside the elevator. As soon as you step out, a flutist and a violinist serenades the guests. 

The swan heads were made out of peach faux pearls!! 

Pops Fernandez shows off her flower coral ring that I designed for her many years ago!! So nice to know that she is still enjoying it.

On my way out, I stopped for one more photo with the birthday girl, Jenni Epperson and Pops. 

Happy Birthday Cris!!! May you have many more to come! 

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