Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Benguet Trip and My Near Death Experience.

After a few months of my book drive for the children of Benguet, it was time to donate all that I have collected from super awesome friends. 

Last week, we headed back to Mankayan to deliver them to the Elementary and High School inside Lepanto mine site. We also were able to stock up the Felipe Uy Yap Library with good reads. 

Because I get airsick easily, I got to choose the best seat in the house. I am an adopted Yap after all. 

I can take photos of the clouds a million times and never get tired of it. Thank goodness for Instagram, everything looks 100x better. 

Our first destination is the livelihood program of the wives of the miners. They were making tons of longganisa and carrot, squash and malunggay noodles. 


I brought some home for my vegetarian friends. 


These are awesome longganisa! Hardly any fat and definitely, no preservatives. Saraaaap! 
Thanks Mommy Emma for my 5 kilos worth of longganisa.

Next stop is the presenting of the books to the schools during a Teachers Appreciation Program. Aside from a monetary gift, the teachers are gifted with new textbooks and reading materials for the library. The children will surely benefit from the kindness of donors and the Yap Family. 

A dance production to welcome the teachers and guests. 
Hubaran proportions!

We handed the books to the teachers! 

And I got a Certificate of Appreciation! But I couldn't have done it without all those who donated books to this book drive. Thank you once again for everyone who helped out. 

This is for you.

And what was once empty is now filled. 

And after "work" we headed to a party being thrown for disabled children. 


Started out with a prayer song.

A speech from the COO of Lepanto Mining Corporation, B.U.Y. or I should say SPENCER!! :)

Games and gifts!

And now, it's LAFANGAN time. 

Back home at the Executive House, it's all about me taking photos of beautiful things. My favorite subject? Nature. 

Hydrangeas were as big as my face!

Bryan, thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my blessings to others 
and for force feeding me like a chicken. 

 I want to personally thank National Bookstore Foundation Inc. for the elementary books they shared with the children. Xandra Ramos, you are truly a wonderful person. 


On our last night, I was attacked viciously by killer winged-termites (gamu-gamo). They were flying all over, trillions of them, that I nearly fainted, hit my head on the corner of the table and died......

OK, I am overreacting, I was just in a dark corner trying my best to avoid them but thinking about it now still gives me the shivers. They all died after 30 minutes. 

It's official, I HATE INSECTS! 

And THAT would be my near death experience story. OA ba?

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