Wednesday, June 27, 2012

MEGA Short or Long?

Was going through all the photos that's posted on the new online magazine of MEGASTYLE.PH and noticed a few similarities in how people wear their long gowns. 

I personally have a hard time thinking of what to wear when the attire calls for a gown. It's always a struggle and my sisters can attest to that. 

Long gowns are tricky. I would rather wear silk chiffon if you ask me but I try to cheat, as much as I can, by wearing jersey. Jersey is just too comfortable to pass up. 

I saw a few photos of women wearing something that's actually short but is considered long. 
Chiffon is the key. 

If you ask me, COMFORT is what counts. 
So my question is: Is wearing shorts or mini-skirt more comfortable than wearing a long skirt? 

If your answer is yes, then what do you think of gowns that is actually...well....both? 

One word for the lady on the right, WHOA! That's neither short-shorts or mini-skirt!!

Congratulations to MEGA for the new online fashion magazine. 
(And for including a photo of JDH and  your bloggerina.)

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