Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rajo's UNO and DOS.

Everyone was scrambling for an invite to the launch of Rajo's UNO/DOS perfume for Bench; at least that's what I caught on Twitter a week before the said show. 

No pass/ticket = No entrance.

A few hours before the show, Rajo told me that it is SRO and surely enough, people were standing all over the place just hoping to get a glimpse of what Robby Carmona did to showcase the new scent, UNO/DOS. 

I loved the story line. 
Face Off.

Nerds against Punks.
Hip Hop against Breakdance. 
The UP Pepsquad and The Bobcats!

Check out the hunks on the left. I really do prefer the preppy boys. 

Getting harassed by the punks. 

Joey Mead, leader of the punks threatens a cutie pie. 

Sam Concepcion leads TEAM UNO! 

Seriously? I am most impressed by the G-Force ANGELS, a four man group that had the most awesome moves! 

Enchong Dee is the leader of TEAM DOS! Sorry, don't have too many photos of Enchong. I guess I must be for Team Uno. Hihihi.

The Geeks versus the Divas. Love this! The energy, the character and the contrast between the two styles is amazing. 

The back up dancers!

Rajo, if these two boys are fighting over me, please tell them I can handle both of them, no problems. Sharing is caring. 


Watch their perfomance.

Photo by Neil Felipp.

Congratulations to RAJO LAUREL 
for this collaboration with BENCH!!! 
Photo by Eddie Boy Escudero

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