Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tokyo Stories.

Going back....

Joey tried to take us to a cultural venue, a temple but when we got there, it was already closed. So we decided to have an early snack at Wolfgang Puck Express!! Are you impressed? Well, don't be. It is not what you think it is. This was a restaurant for young kids who want pizza, burgers and shakes. I am not sure Wolfgang knows about this place but if he does, then it is for sure that he doesn't visit the store often to check on standards. We ordered pizza and french onion rings.

LOVED the onion rings and loved the taste of the pizza but can it be more soggy than this?

We went to the grocery because if you know Steph, this is her main objective in life. To go to all the grocery outlets in this whole planet to buy shampoo or lotion. God only knows how many grocery shops we went to in Europe!

I bought strawberries. It was too enticing and it seemed cheap because I only had to use coins for it but in actuality, it was already US$6.00.

Anyway, brought the strawberries, chocolates, wine and chips home to the hotel where we had our own little party! Joie ordered for some clotted cream, thinking it was free but when we got the bill, it is US$9.00 2 small scoops!

We ordered for more coffee and by the end of the night, we were able to make our own little Tower of Pisa using coffee cups! Maybe it was all that caffeine!

Before going back to our hotel, we also stopped by this super store where they sell everything you can imagine. From batteries to Hermes bags to socks to microwave oven. I saw some things I wanted to get but the Japanese sizes are way to small!!!

Was having trouble sleeping in the plane on our way to Tokyo and thought I needed an inflatable pillow. I saw this instead but it would look funny to be using it in the plane, don't you think?

Fell in love with these Japanese bicycles with really nice baskets and super candy colors! It is so cheap!!! Can anyone tell me how I can bring one home to Manila?

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Daniel said...

I would have wanted to see you on that Sailor Moon costume!!! :)