Monday, April 12, 2010


I am so tinatamad (lazy) to blog. Actually, not just to blog but to do anything. The Bridal Fair at the Peninsula really knocked me out but I can totally imagine how much worse the staff of Peninsula feels just about now.

They did a wonderful job for this event...I have the photos, the details and everything you want to know but for now, you just have to wait because I am not in the mood to blog.

I have so many to post pa naman....Mike and Carmina's wedding, our last dinner for Cedric at Aquanox, new pieces of JBDJS, my overnight at Dusit and the bridal fair.

Also going to Tokyo this weekend. Will be staying at the Peninsula. Can't wait for that.

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Can you give me tips on how to get a great (read: third world accessible) rate for the Tokyo Pen? I know you're a Pen insider like that :)

Candifier said...

Well, hmmm, let me see...that's a tricky question. I am just a freeloader hanging on to one of my BFF's privileges. So how do you get a great rate in Tokyo Pen? Find a high ranking position BFF in Peninsula and be a freeloader like me!!!

On a serious note, travel to Tokyo on an off peak season and watch out for weekend packages that Peninsula may offer.

Will blog about my stay in Pen and let you in on how great or not it is. :)