Thursday, April 22, 2010

Abercrombie and ME!

This is so worth going back to Ginza to. Check out the wall paper. You are not allowed to take photos inside the store but nothing can stop the Candifier.

I loved the 8 story building filled with really nice, hip but expensive clothes but what's more important are the hot young male models. Ok, there were girls too but I didn't take notice as I was too busy checking out the abs of the HYM (hot young men).

You are welcomed by 2 of them, fully clothed but stunning faces. Once, you get in their lobby, a half naked model stands there with his jeans almost falling off his hips and with his arms extended, invites you to have a photo. Some girl is assigned to take the photo with a polaroid and hands you your copy before you enter the elevator where another HYM describes the building and where to find whatever....honestly, I wasn't paying attention. I was too busy wiping off my saliva...

We got out of the elevator, pretended to be interested in the clothes and after a few minutes, got back into the elevator where another HYM takes you down to the lobby.

We get out and I just had to have a photo with the "doormen". I noticed that we are connected somehow and made me feel bond was stronger because we were all wearing the same shoes. it fate? Destiny? Love?

That evening, we had to go back for more.... we made sure we changed outfits so they won't notice that it's the drooling girls from Manila.

Here's a close up just in case you can't see the details.....slurp.
I am sure my "ghals" are so jealous of me right now.


Anonymous said...

your smile!!! and those abs!! forgot that`s what gave you the smile!!

jap boi!!

mr. pineapple man said...

i love how u did a close up on the last pic! genius!

Candifier said...

I wish I could have done more than just a close up pic. ;) wink wink.