Thursday, March 22, 2012


Gorgeous, healthy hair is the key to beauty and no other than Jacques Dessange knows how to enhance a woman’s crowning glory. This conviction has been masterfully encapsulated in DESSANGE, the newest hair care range designed to enhance the beauty of all women naturally.

Sophisticated and elegant, DESSANGE House draws its inspiration from Nature, a source of beauty and youth, which provides many of the active ingredients, which enrich product lines. DESSANGE creates products that respect the well-being of all. Combining the benefits of nature, the products and packaging are made environmentally friendly. The brand is committed to ethics and the environment through its daily actions towards women and its ranges of high-quality natural products. Thus DESSANGE, an active, forward-looking and glamorous brand, elegantly combines scientific efficacy, quality expertise and the pleasure of a luxury signature. Beautify with DESSANGE and its products that match each beauty ritual.

DESSANGE Paris is a line of hair-care products, styling products, make-up and accessories reflecting the brand's "House of Luxury" spirit: femininity, refinement, elegance and expertise. DESSANGE Paris combines lavish textures and innovative formulas with the effective Black Pearl Resides, known for its fortifying, remineralizing, and anti-aging virtues. Aside from the black pearl, this range also has an airy texture, lightly scented with jasmine, white musk, and precious woods. Inspired by cutting edge cosmetics, DESSANGE Paris seduces with its black, white, and silver bottles, combined with feminine and sensuous lines.

Hairstylist, colorist, and make-up artist Camille Albane, offers customized services for every woman’s needs. The Camille Albane line reflects the brand's Rive Gauche spirit and its identity of femininity, boldness, modernity and conviviality that perfectly sums up the Camille Albane woman− a woman of expression, who expects results that reveal her personal style. Camilla Albane’s range of products have ingredients that zero in on the various needs of a woman’s hair: Henna Argan for all hair types, Citron for color-treated and highlighted hair; Orange and Honey for damaged, dry and brittle hair; Henna and Pomegranate for hair that’s weak and stressed; Fig for unruly and frizzy hair. Offering customized services to develop a personal, individual harmony for every woman, the Camille Albane line keeps hair healthy and radiant for unbelievable moisture and manageability.

The Phytodess line is hair-care expertise that emphasizes nature as a rich source of beauty. Real beauty care for the scalp and hair, the PHYTODESS products combine nature, luxury and hair expertise to reveal and enhance the hair’s beauty. Maintain your hair’s color and shine with products that are specifically made to keep the hair’s radiance while nourishing it and without weighing the hair down. At the heart of unique formulas, colored clays, essential oils, trace elements plus precious stones and metals are gathered together with delicate textures and subtle fragrances for real moments of pleasure. With natural ingredients that ensure that hair is always at its best, Phytodess creates a personalized hair care ritual to adapt to your hair’s needs.



True to its vision, DESSANGE has artfully intertwined the elegance of luxury, excellence, and respect for women and nature with their topnotch beauty products suited for every need. Take the natural course and be beautiful with DESSANGE.

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