Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My New BFF!

I was being a lazy bum when suddenly, SC said, "Hey, It's Philippe Charriol by your door."

I said, "No way. Are you serious?"

"Yes I am sure! He's going to enter! Hurry with your make up!" she replied.

I dabbed on lipstick....

Let down my hair from my ponytail....
I was wearing slippers because I am stupid that way.....
so I quickly put on my shoes.

After a few seconds, I was out to assist him.

"How much is this? How much is that? What is this made out of? Is this silver? Is it gold?" Those are his questions which I answered politely with a great big smile. I didn't even want to blink.

He finally said, "Ok, I will take this one. What is your price? Please give me a discount as I am also in the same industry."

WHAT? A gazzilionaire asking for a discount? And then I thought, THAT'S why gazillionaires are gazzilionaires! Because they always ask for a discount!

I gave him his discount and said, "I will be back with my payment. By the way, my name is...." (searching for his business card but didn't find one, he was about to show me sunglasses with his name on it when I interrupted him and said) "Oh, I know who you are Sir and quite honestly, I am star struck like never before."

He was pleased with my statement. He left, came back, left money on the table and said he would be back the next day for the ring.

This morning, I came into the store, put on make up a tad bit more carefully and wore my shoes right away. Actually, I am still wearing it now because he is coming back up here after his lunch.

I waited like a child waiting for Christmas. Ok, maybe not THAT excitedly but still was nervous as I was going to be bold and ask him for a photo.

He arrived with Alexander. (Hottie alert!!!)

Anyway, we chatted a bit about where I went to school in the US. They could tell I went to California because of my accent. (Siyempre I laid it on even more when I was talking to them! Para ma-impress! And it worked! BWA HA HA!!)

They both complimented our pieces here in the store and asked me for my business card. Sigh....

By the door, they said bye to me in French. I am so glad I remembered the very little French that I know and said..."à tout à l’heure!!" They both giggled. (O diba?? KLAZZZ na naman ako!!!)

Here's proof that Philippe Charriol and Alexander are my new BFFs!

Let's have lunch soon guys!! (Naks! Asa pa ako!?)


Lorraine said...

Hi! My name's Lorraine and I would like to feature you in an article in http://thepoc.net. If you are willing to answer just a few questions about your work, I would like to ask for your email so I can send them to you. Thank you! :)

Lorraine said...

By the way, that was an awesome experience. Do you know why he is in the country? :)

JCD said...

i love your stuff and i love that ring! is it still available?

Candifier said...

Apparently, he is in the country quite often, in stealth mode.

Will answer your inquiries in a while, Lorraine.

JCD, that's the ring the he bought. Sorry not available anymore.

Thank you!!