Monday, April 25, 2011

Ruffa for Belo.

The eclectic and opulent interiors of Salon de Ning at The Peninsula Manila proved to be a delightful visual backdrop during the recent media launch of BodyTite, the latest treatment being offered by the Belo Medical Group.

Hosted by John James Uy and Belo Medical Group scion Cristalle Henares, the red-letter affair had a Shanghai motif and was attended by selected members of the press and special guests. It also served as the official welcoming of its celebrity image model, beauty queen-actress Ruffa Gutierrez into the Belo mold and as endorser of the BodyTite treatment.
Guests were likewise delighted to know from cosmetic surgeon Dr. Vicki Belo about the benefits and plus points of BodyTite. Women (and men for that matter), after all, nowadays need not fret over sagging upper arms (brought about by age), loose flab on the mid-section (from giving birth and inactive lifestyles) and even on their inner thighs. Vicki succinctly described the condition as “lawlaw” (sagging).

To suck out the excess fat from one’s body parts, this non-invasive procedure, Vicki was quick to add, also uses a disposable mechanism for safety and hygienic measures. Vanity experts will also be pleased that a mere fourth of an inch will only temporarily mark the body part where the treatment will be applied.

What’s BodyTite?

BodyTite or what is known as Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL), addresses the problem of predominantly loose skin seen in some patients after having undergone a liposuction procedure.

BodyTite is a minimally invasive procedure that uses radio frequency (RF) energy applied over the skin and into the fat layer to allow simultaneous lipolysis and skin tightening.

Vicki, who underwent the procedure herself three weeks ago, explained that BodyTite is perfect in areas that tend to be loose, like the inner thighs, arms and the abdomen. This happens when the skin is damaged by multiple pregnancies and stretch marks, which hamper contraction.

For nearly a year, Vicki, tried to convince actress Ruffa Gutierrez, one of the leading celebrity endorsers of the Belo clinic, to undergo an invasive procedure for body contouring and removing unwanted loose skin on her tummy brought about by childbirth.

Even when she gave birth to her two daughters — Lorin and Venice — Ruffa did not do any surgical procedure, as she delivered her babies normally. That’s why the actress-TV host initially had apprehensions about surgery.

Ruffa’s series of showbiz commitments also prevented her from doing an invasive procedure, which she initially thought, would sideline her. “I thought I needed at least a week to recover, but Dr. Vicki assured me I could work the next day, so that was another factor that convinced me,” TV 5’s Paparazzi host and lead star of Nagbabagang Bulaklak said.

True enough, Ruffa was mobile the day after her BodyTite procedure.

BodyTite contoured Ruffa’s body after childbirth and gave it a tighter, firmer tone. “I was convinced that BodyTite was just the perfect procedure to remedy the loose skin in my body.”

Since Ruffa expressed a desire to have another baby, if ever she decides to remarry, Dr. Vicki assured there is no problem in giving birth again even after the BodyTite procedure.

Ruffa insisted she has nothing against cosmetic surgery. “There is nothing wrong with having something done in your body or even your face, especially with showbiz stars who want to maintain their good looks. There’s nothing shocking about that anymore. I’m seen on TV all the time and even when I am out of the spotlight, I owe it to the public to look good.”

Article by Greggy Vera Cruz for the Philippine Star.

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