Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Arena Island, Palawan.

Desperate for a quick getaway, I checked Deal Grocer for any bargain trips that I may stumble upon. 

One got me interested. A private island all to myself (and my gang of 6). 
Arena Island it's called and I after checking reviews, it seemed like a good idea. So I booked it and hoped for the best. I actually don't like buying things online because I am scared of what it might look like in real life but as I said, I was desperate. 

So what did I do next? I asked SFV (if you know me, you know who I am referring to) to join me. Now you have to understand, I am very good friends with her but dude, can you imagine the level of standards? 

The coupon is good for 6 adults for 3 days, 2 nights stay, full board meals and round trip transfers from the airport. Once we landed, we had a 2 hour drive from the airport to the port and then a 45 minute boat ride to the island. (Airfare not included).

We ran into some bad luck because the waves became quite violent. Our boat was big enough to withstand the terrible weather but it made Jacqui, SV and I sick to our stomachs. 
Jody was sleeping like a baby (weird girl). 

What was supposed to take 45 minutes took us 2 hours!! I die!

When we got to the island, we nearly went down on our knees to kiss the ground. 

The island is tiny! You can go around the shoreline within 20 minutes. 

Because our flight was 5 am, my gang and I really just wanted to get some sleep.

Our casita stated that it is big enough for six adults but when I entered the door, I was shocked to see how small the room was. Yes, it fit us 4 but 5? or 6 people? No way. And the beds were sprawled out in a way that your gang either better be all girls, all boys or a mom-dad and kids kinda set up. 

There's also one bathroom, which is fine but only because we are all girls. What I kind of didn't like was the fact that it had no roof. Yes kids, the bathroom was open air. As in you shower while the birds watch or you sit on the throne while they fly by and poo on you at the same time.  I am easily grossed out so I didn't like the dead leaves all over the floor especially after a shower. 

Don't get me wrong though, perhaps I am just being snooty about this. I mean, the place was clean and the service was superb. We had our own butler and she was really awesome. She took care of us like her own babies. 

Though the wind was howling like crazy, the sun would come out once in a while.

We had our breakfast inside our room most of the time because we were all too lazy to go outside. We just wanted to sleep, read and get massages. 

At one point, we felt we HAD to get out of the room so we decided to release baby turtles into the ocean. Actually, I wanted to take them home but we were told we couldn't. Blahhh... 

We went on to a raft to snorkel, feed the fish and somehow, found ourselves napping once again. 

To my girlies that went on this adventure with me and for being ok with just sleeping all day and night and for not being so snooty about it all, THANK YOU. 

My final notes: 
-Deal Grocer deal might want to make changes in terms of the 6 people/group rule. 
-Perhaps Arena Island might want to consider lowering their rates for now. 
-Arena Island needs a gardener who will pick up all the deal leaves in the island. Or a landscape artist who can make the resort more cared for.
-Purchase new towels and bedsheets. 
-Make more casitas on the other side of the island where it is not windy. 
-The butlers are great at what they do. 
-Build a roof over the bathroom. 
-Ms. Chit Rodriguez is very helpful and accommodating. 

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