Tuesday, November 16, 2010

En Route to Bali.

It was scorching hot in Bali when we arrived last Thursday. It was hot and dry and one can't help but feel exhausted even just by sitting down under the shade.

As you might now, I was traveling with an "Auntie" that is quite used to the ROYALTY lifestyle, not that she is a Queen by title but she might as well be.

When we arrived in Singapore, she was totally focused on how to spend her moolah on bags, shoes and make up. I was just tagging along like a small sad puppy. After my expenditures before leaving Manila, I had no plans whatsoever in buying anything in Singapore or Bali. I stayed good in Sing but was really bad in Indonesia.

But because Auntie NP doesn't mean the word "NO" and "ENOUGH" (in a good way), here's our loot from just a stopover in Singapore en route to Bali.

Gifts from the Queen of Shopping to Steffie and Me.

She gave me these shades perhaps out of pity because I forgot mine in Manila. Too bad I didn't forget to bring a bag! Haha.

She made me try on these uber hot shoes thinking that I was to only show her how it looked as she was tired and was lazy to try them on herself. I thought I was doing her a favor by modeling for her but when we exited the store, she gave the pink one to me. Can I die now? Loving my Miu Miu shoes. Still dreaming of the green one though.

Steffie fell in love....and took it home.

NP got this bag so that she can put her Birkin inside for protection.

We thought that 4 hours of waiting in Sing for our flight to Bali would be dreadfully long but we still ended up running towards our gate. We all declare our love for Singapore, even if it is just the airport, no.... especially the airport.

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elizar33 said...

love this: "NP got this bag so that she can put her Birkin inside for protection."