Tuesday, November 2, 2010

KT and RL.

Paperdolls and Wharton.

We braved the traffic...SMX is no joke. It takes a lot of effort to plan a trip to that area. Luckily, CVS suggested that we all go together to save gas. Anyway, we were all to be seated together anyway.

So, riding in the van, Pia M, CVS, Jay A, Clara and I went into a deep conversation in the most awesome British accent one can ever hear from Flippers. It was beyond hilarious especially when Mang Siniong (the driver) would also answer back using the accent. But of course, it didn't work.

Anyway, we were situated perfectly because we were able to get a great view of the models. We mainly focused on the male species. When I show you, you would understand us totally! First, here are my party fashion peeps for the night starting with one of the designers featured. Rajo is in Paris.

Ms. Kate Torralba.

Meet Mark Whittington. He was one of the hottest models that night but based on his twitter, he must also have the dirtiest mouth!! Major turn on when my gang saw him work the ramp, major turn off when we read his tweets. Too bad.

Took this photo of Luke Jickain but there was another cutie in the back! Call me hawk eyes!

Anyway, we met him at Cafe Adriatico where we ate after the show. He's from Australia, that's all I can remember. I was too busy eating my ceasar salad and pasta.

What scared me was Wilma's hair.

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