Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Bummer.

For Halloween, All Saints and Souls Day, the Dizon family went up to Tagaytay to get some fresh air and much needed peace and quiet. We were in a very nice subdivision where we walked in the mornings and during sunsets. The air was Christmasy chilly and the wind was constantly giving us a reason to wear a sweater. The trees were swaying and making soothing sounds, almost as if they were communicating.

I loved seeing fruit bearing trees in every corner. They are so cute!!

My Dad even enjoyed the afternoon walks with us. At one point, he walked ahead of us. I felt his loneliness for my Mom. Watching him brought tears to my eyes.

We didn't make the kids wear any costumes this year. We decided to simplify and just enjoy each other's company. They did however, go horse back riding which left Jody and I at home alone for a whole afternoon. We watched Prince of Persia and biked around the area. We also did a taste testing of the junk food. hehe.

Night time was reserved for kiddie games and snack buffet. I organized some games for the kids which brought about a whole lotta laughter which filled the house.

Driving back home to Manila, I saw a billboard and knew instantly what I missed during the long weekend. DARN IT!!!!!

I so wanted to go to the DRENCHED in LIQUID DREAMS and SWALLOWEEN, BLOW in the DARK party held at Mankind.

Where can I get a time machine????

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