Thursday, November 18, 2010

On Being Mellie.

A coffee table book filled with photos and stories of THE MELLIE ABLAZA now lies on the center table of our living room. It was launched two weeks ago at NBC tent where uber event stylist Junjun Ablaza did an amazing job in creating a Mellie Wonderland.

Specially made gowns for this philanthropist and mega party thrower were spread out all over the tent with amazing family owned antique furniture that was brought just for this event.

Hundreds of guests, ambassadors included, friends and family members of the Ablaza's were present to support the book launching not only because of love for Tita Mellie but also because for every book purchased, a big bulk of the proceeds is going to UP Center for Women Studies. Gawad Kalinga, a scholarship program for Friends of CCP where Mrs. Ablaza used to be president and Congregacion del Santissimo Nombre del Nino Jesus.

Czarina A. Syquia, your bloggerina and Ms. Mellie Ablaza.

Till the next party! Gods and Goddesses Ball!!!

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