Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It's been a while since I last saw Michael Salientes. He was roaming around Europe for 3 months!! Talk about ENVY! We finally had time to do lunch last Friday but since I was busy preparing the house for Thanksgiving dinner, I opted to stay home in QC. So, since lunch was in this area, I had to ask for advise on where to eat. QC restaurants are so different from Makati. In QC, one can wear slippers and wifebeater shirts to a semi fancy place.

That's why when we decided to eat in Lumeria, I was a bit shocked when the lady on the phone said that they have a dress code, no slippers, no sandals and no wife beater shirts (she really didn't say it like that though). I didn't bother to tell my lunch dates, CAR and MS because they are always so fashionably chika ALL THE TIME.

Lumeria is in a hidden area of Horseshoe Village. It's not hard to find though. It's a small, quaint, romantic home converted into a restaurant. Although in the main house, the owner still resides.

The food was not bad, although it seemed a little too expensive, maybe I need to change my mentality that QC is not necessarily cheap food. I did wear my Pucci dress (thanks CAR!) and 4 inch heels (thanks AG) after all.

Thank you to my twitter friends for the suggestion!

5 Julieta Circle
Horseshoe Village, QC

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