Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vintage Glam at Pen.

After the book launch of Mellie Ablaza, my friends and I hurried to Peninsula to attend the Vintage Glam thank you party. The ballroom was transformed into the an old and glamourous Las Vegas where guests can play poker, black jack, roulette and gamble the night away. The only difference is, there's no money involved. You win chips which is then converted to gifts!

The food was awesome. Too awesome that I think we really stayed until we were the last ones in the ballroom just so we can be thick faced and ask the waiters if they can wrap some food for us to take home. Talk about free loaders!!!! But of course, before we did that, we asked permission.

We were entertained by Club Moi dancers! These trannies had nicer boobs than mine! And to think mine are real!!! Hay nako....

Anyway, I was able to take home a GC for an overnight stay in the Peninsula. I was hoping to exchange that for a party at Salon De Ning for 15 people. Guess my pull in this hotel is not as heavy as I thought. Just kidding Mr. Crook. You know I love ya!

My fashion designer friends lent a few gowns to decorate the ballroom. I was also to spend a little time with my sistah, Puey, whom I haven't seen in a long time.

Rovilson was the hot host! Excuse my language but grabe 'tong kalbo na'to!! Ang lakas ng sex appeal!!!! Roaarr...!!

What I love about this event is the reason behind it. Not the free food and gifts and takeaways, but because the hotel makes such an amazing and tremendous effort to thank the wedding planners, florists, cake makers, invitation printers, fashion designers, event specialists who promote or have their events at the Peninsula. This is why we were invited to Vintage Glam. To thank us with a superb party at the ballroom even if they didn't have to.

Love this color changing tree!!!

Well, all I can say is, THANK YOU, especially to Stephanie Chong, Events Director and Jonathan Crook, General Manager of Peninsula Manila for allowing me to take home a huge block of bleu cheese for AG. He is enjoying it up until now. MUAH!!!!

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