Friday, March 12, 2010

And The Winner is....

Who knew that such a hot momma can plate a waffle that catches a lot of my readers' fancy. I thought the only thing she knew how to do was to shop and put make up on.

Anyway, Lucille, CONGRATULATIONS! You just won a breakfast buffet in ESCOLTA, Peninsula Hotel. Here are the restrictions:

1. Breakfast is served from 6 - 11 am. But since I wake up late, we only have 9-11 am. Weekends are best for me because I don't want to have to spend a whole 12 hours here in Peninsula, unless I have a room.

2. You must invite 5 paying friends to join us so that we can have another contest. This time, it will be the best plated CONGEE!

3. This offer is valid until April 12. Exactly one month from now.

To all that joined and voted, THANKS. Next time, you will be included in the contest. I promise. Let me just work on my sponsors. Hehe.

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