Thursday, March 25, 2010


Calling all food lovers and I am not talking about sissy food lovers, I mean INTENSE FOOD LOVERS!

This blog is for you.

I was at the Sofitel last night to watch the sunset with AG. It is still breathtaking to watch the sun go under Manila Bay. There was a slight breeze in the air which made me feel like going back to Boracay very soon.

It was 6:30 pm and the buffet in SPIRAL is now open. I checked it out...
I love the way the prawns are lined up so neatly on the spread.
Ditto for the mussels.
This is my dad's corner.


Really nice presentation.

There was still so much more that I didn't take a photo of. There was a Chinese noodle corner, Korean station and grilled seafood. Just taking photos of the food made me full! Of course, I didn't forget the dessert!!!

My ultimate favorite fruit. Loving the way it was styled!

Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!!


Take note that I only took photos of the food. I wasn't very hungry so I didn't get to try it out but I did once before and all I can say is there's too much food for one belly.

Breakfast M-F = P1,250.36
S-Sun = P1,496.01

Lunch M-F = P1,827.64
S-Sun = P2,441.70

Dinner S-Th = P2,073.29
F-Sat = P2,318.94

6:00 to 12 midnight
For reservations: 551-5555, 832-6988


Anonymous said...

I cant wait to go home (home, Manila home)!!! Spiral is part of my itinerary...and watching the sunset? i must do that! thanks for the idea.... i miss HOME :-(

Joy Page Manuel said...

gotta love all that seafood! yummmm!!