Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hermes Grand Opening.

To get an invite was super difficult. I actually didn't think I was going to get one since I never bought anything from Hermes....YET. Even the super duper collectors of this super duper expensive brand didn't get an invite, so why would I?

My sources said that the confirmed attendees were at 200. It then soured to 300. Final count was 450. maybe it wasn't that difficult to get in this exclusive party after all.

When I got in with my "date", all we had to do is sign our names and then bam...we were in. Hmmm...that was easy. So in my mind, anybody who got a bit dressed can come in and mooch! It was easy as pie.

Inside the store, it got a little warm, it was crowded and the lights were strong. The freshly made faces of celebrities and socialites got a little gooey. But that didn't stop everyone from making beso beso. THAT is a must in the Philippine Society Circle. The free flowing red wine, white wine and champagne didn't help ME from sweating as well. I was thirsty and drank a glass of champagne like it was water so naturally, I was drunk in a matter of minutes. My whole body was warm and my ears were red. Hayy...such a cheap date I am.

Anyway, here's a few photos of the beautiful people who came last night.

After checking out the pieces in the store, we were told to head on to Ayala Museum for the parteeehh. The food spread was by The Peninsula. It was good and easy to eat. I just stood by the buffet and picked up the food left and right. I was starving and had to eat to get rid of the drunken master out of me. I love the tuna squares. Stephanie Chong, send me a whole platter of that please. YUMMO!!

There was live music playing but I found it a bit too loud. Especially since no one was dancing. The room was filled with socialites, celebrities, politicians and photographers. I got a bit dizzy. Let me show you.

Before heading to FELIX for dinner, we stopped by the store again and saw my co-SUPERMODEL! We are almost twins in the physical aspect except she is much taller. That's the only difference. BWA HAHAHAHAH (throwing back my head while doing an evil laugh).

By the way, all the bags were sold even before the store opened the doors. So basically, my plans on buying 3 or 4 Birkins were useless. (YYEAAAHHH RIIIGGGHHHTTT).

Oh and one more thing. Can I be mean?? I want to be mean. Just for a little while. Please don't hate me. It's just a funny story that Christine and I worked up in our nasty minds. PLEASE? Ok, thanks!

On the path towards the museum, we saw male models. Tall, black suited and well built. This is how the story goes....

Agent: "So, basically, I need 5 men for the HERMES opening. You, you, you and you two."

Model 1: "YES!!!! Imagine, HERMES! That's sooo cool! I am so hot!"
Model 2: "Dude, this is a chance of a lifetime! HERMES is such a huge brand to work for! I am going to get a facial right now!"
Model 3: "Ahh man, I think I will go to Toni and Guy and get a mean haircut, mani and pedi!"
Model 4: "Wait, I will go with you, just need to tell my family in the States about this great news!!"
Model 5: "I knew it! I knew I had the looks. It's all about the timing! Cheers to us guys! HERMES, here we come!"

Day of the show....

Agent: "Here, put these on!"

Congratulations to HERMES and welcome to the Philippines!


Anonymous said...

You looked nice that evening, candy.:)

Candifier said...

Why thank you.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAH the "models" made it to the limelight!!! woohoo!
that was funny..

Mina said...

Since you already mentioned the humidity yourself...medyo oily nga mga attendees ng opening? Everyone looked great, though. :)