Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ballet Barbie!

My mom used to bring us to ballet performances all the time. We would be wearing our fru-fru dresses, stockings and ribbon on our hair whenever we went to CCP to watch Lisa Macuja dance. We were also trained not to snore if ever we fell asleep during the show. Hahaha. I am so glad my mom exposed us to the classical arts. At that time, all I wanted was to see how pretty the costumes were, too young to appreciate the difficult moves and the pain on the toes!

During these young years of mine, Barbie also filled up our home. But they were not mine. I never really found it exciting, to play with a doll that could hardly move. Jenny, on the other hand, LOVED them to pieces! I was always worried that if I didn't like them Barbies, that maybe I was a TOMBOY!

I guess the obsession with Barbie dolls is a hint of what kind of person you will be in the future. As Rajo said last night at the Ballet Barbie at the Peninsula, "It was Barbie who inspired me to become a fashion designer. I would steal my sister's Barbie dolls!"

When Ballet Philippines tapped the most talented fashion designers in the country to dress up their own Barbies for a cause, it became a Barbie fashion havoc. Check it out.

To be continued......

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! thanks for sharing...