Monday, February 7, 2011


Two weeks ago, my loving pet Joel, took me to Chinatown to get some appliances from his friend. I am always game when it comes to discounted shopping.

On our way to Chinatown, we got pulled over!! Thank goodness for Joel's connections, we were off the hook after one phone call. Anyway, it wasn't our fault.

But before that, we decided that we want to eat authentic Chinatown food in a dingy, not very clean, crowded, noisy and not so klazzy restaurant.

He took us to YING YING Teahouse. First, let me point out the address and don't be fooled. Despite the highly prominent names of the street, it really is a place where my Mom would disapprove of.

In the corner of Dasmarinas and Yuchengco Street is where Ying Ying is located. Although the look of the place scared that crap out of me, I entered and waited in line as it was filled to the brim with people wanting to eat!!

Because Joel is a street-smart-ass kinda guy, we were able to get a table right away.

Crispy squid. Tender, soft and sweet. Love!!!
My love affair with duck. I had to have this and hardly shared with the others.
The only fish that AG would eat is if it were in this Fish Fried Rice.
Gotta make the Mom's happy by eating veggies. This Kang Kong with garlic is really really good.
Shrimp with cashew nuts and vegetables. Not my favorite but empty plate nonetheless.
Humba bathed in oil. Gosh, I hope that's olive oil but I really don't think so.
Lemon Chicken is a childhood dish and I just had to order it. AG loved it!!

Deep-fried BREAD which you can eat with the Humba or dessert with condensed milk. We had the latter.

All this food plus 4 drinks came out to P1,955! Cheap or not?

On our way home, we got pulled over AGAIN!!! Thanks to my pet, we were let go without getting a ticket.

Here's how to get there. I would definitely go back but next time, I am bringing my Daddy-O with me. He will love it!


Anonymous said...

I want to eat here! Looks so good! Your so lucky, take me naman when you go again! RAJO!

Candifier said...

I so want to go back. Dapat Sunday para the traffic is not bad.

Just let me know when you are free!

lucilledizon said...

Take me with you! I want to try everything you posted except for humba. Hardcore sa mantika! is there sweet and sour fish?

Candifier said...

Sure, let's go with Rajo and Nix and all the Chinese food lovers! Of course there's sweet and sour fish!!!